Month: August 2015

Serving Thyme

It contains; vodka, Elderflower liqueur, illegal mescaline reposado garnish with lime and Thyme.

I didn’t make this one I bought it at Reds it’s unusual so had to put it up here



Chocolate Martini

Ever since I’ve read about and seen on TV I’ve been fantasizing about making this chocolaty goodness,at first it needed a bit of tweaking the original recipe I use was; 50ml Vanilla vodka,  25ml chocolate liqueur. I originally tried that out and by god it was strong.

I added some milk which gave it a more smoother taste, further experimentation is needed with this beauty such as swapping the vanilla vodka and chocolate liqueur ratios.

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini recipe – serving 1

50ml Milk

50ml Vanilla vodka

25ml Chocolate liqueur

Chocolate powder for Frosting 

Chocolate Syrup for spiraling around glass

Chocolate shavings for garnish.

Frost the Martini glass with chocolate powder and create a spiral inside the glass using chocolate sryup , mix vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, milk and ice in a shaker, shake and strain into glass garnishing with chocolate shavings.

Blue Lagoon

This is a lovely easily made drink that’s brilliantly blue! It’s a little sweeter than a Woo Woo.

Fill a hiball glass with ice, add Vodka and Peach Schnapps then finish by adding the Blue Curascao this makes the colour rain down in the drink


Serving 1 person

35ml Blue Curascao

25ml Vodka

25ml Peach Schnapps


Mixology 101

I’m teaching myself the art of making cocktails my girlfriend and I go to a variety of cocktail bars and I wanted to create my own, the first cocktail I made was horrendous I didn’t have a Jigger (Measuring Shot 25ml/50ml) I just poured vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice and it was far from the perfect Sex on the Beach

equipment I bought; Boston Shaker, Muddling Stick, Hawthorn Strainer, Bar Spoon, and Jigger came to £25

Next to buy Tulip Strainer £5ba0617b