Month: September 2015

Apple Julep

I wanted something none alcoholic so I made this refreshing mocktail. With using juices they spoil after a few days which means I have to find inventive ways to use them.

Apple Julip

Servings 2

200ml Apple Juice

100ml Orange Juice

100ml Pineapple Juice

25ml Lemon Juice


Mint to decorate

Add ice to hiball glass, pour ingredients to recipe then decorate with mint. 

It was surprisingly refreshing, defiantly making batch of this on a warm day as I usually have the ingredients in


Homemade infused Kiwi and Lime Vodka

I was out shopping and thinking about the success of my Homemade Vanilla Vodka and saw 12 Kiwis for £1, it lead me to experiment, how about kiwi infused vodka?

I bought a bottle of vodka and as I’d be adding Kiwi chunks to it increasing the liquid volume I had to tip some vodka out. I wanted to remove the label and write my own words on the bottle so I used steam and the rough end of a sponge to remove the glue.

Steam label off

Once the label was removed I started dicing the kiwi chunks.

Kiwi chunksI had the idea of adding a bit of lime zest to the Kiwi Vodka. By using a flame to release the oils out of the peal I placed the peel in the bottle with the kiwi chunks.

Kiwi muddled

muddled the kiwi chunks to release the juices of the fruit.

Sugar addedadded a tiny bit of sugar to offset the bitterness of the lime and the strong tart of the kiwi.

Kiwi and Lime Vodka Finally sealed the bottle then shook it vigorously. I’ll leave it for a week to allow the flavours to really sink in but, I feel like mixing this with lemonade and mango juice.


Me and Nina wanted a cheap night in so I whipped us up some tasty pitchers which you don’t see often in bars.

First we started off with a Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Pitcher

I just quadrupled the recipe for this so; 400ml Cranberry Juice, 200ml Citron Vodka, 50ml Lime Juice, and 50ml Cointreau. It tasted great and a threw a few lime wedges in, with the ice this drink went a long way and we got 6 drinks using Martini Glasses.

The next pitcher I made was a Sex on the Beach I’m far away from getting it perfect but the recipe I used was; 200ml Pineapple Juice, 200ml Cranberry Juice, 150ml Vodka, 50ml Peach Snapps.

I added the pineapple juice first which I think is where I went wrong as when I added the cranberry juice it made the drink a more purplish colour than gradient.

After consuming 2 pitches with Nina making a 3rd was no easy task, I was aiming for a Tom Collin’s but in my drunken state I ended up making a Rum Collin’s. 

Rum Collin's

Ingredients: 200ml Rum, 100ml Lemon Juice, 50ml Sugar Syrup, 400ml Soda Water and Lemon wedges 

Spiked Berry

Wanted to create something with Grapefruit Juice so I bashed this fruity delight up.

Spiked Berry

Serves 2

50ml Tequila

50ml Gin

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Cranberry Juice

100ml Grapefruit Juice

Lemonade to top

6 Blueberries

Cherry,Strawberry, and Blueberry to garnis

Add to shaker all ingredients except lemonade, muddle the blueberries then add ice, shake then double strain into hiball glasses with ice, top with lemonade. 

Garnish with strawberry, blueberry, and cherry

I wanted to experiment with a bramble recipe but thought adding the Creme De Mure would be a little to much, perhaps ditch the tequila and increase the gin.

Frozen Margarita

Finally moved into my new place in Leeds and I get to test out my blender and make some frozen drinks!

frozen margaritaRecipe serves 1

50ml Tequila

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lime juice

Lime Wedge for Garnish

Salt for rim


Frost the rim of a Margarita glass with salt, add ingredients to blender, blitz for 5 secondsadd more ice, blender for 3 more seconds.  Place lime wedge on glass for garnish. 

I could improve on this as I blended a lime in the drink which resulted in chunks of lime in the drink which adds to the colour but takes away from the taste as chunks of lime peel is undesirable.

Chocolate Milkbottles

My girlfriend’s mum bought me some milkbottles so I had a think what I could whip up which would use this new glassware.

Chocolate Milk Bottles

This is a really cool chocolaty drink and to make it is simple;

Serving 2

200ml Milk

50ml Chocolate Liqueur

50ml Vanilla Vodka

25ml Irish Cream

40g Flake bits


Add all ingredients to a blenderblitz till smooth, add a little more Ice, blend then pour into milkbottles. 

Home made vanilla vodka!

I use tons of Vanilla Vodka it’s a fantastic ingredient to work with, I ran out of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka so I bought some basic vodka and some vanilla pods, I cut the pods long ways down the middle and placed them into the bottle of Vodka, shook the bottle daily for a week to release the oils and distribute the flavor evenly.

Vanilla Vodka transfusion I used 2 fine strainers and a funnel to filter the tiny specs of vanilla pods out of the vodka.

vanilla vodka

The finished result, it has a stronger more vanilla taste than any other Vanilla Vodka I’ve tried, it works out cheaper and tastes so much better than buying premade vanilla vodka. This has opened so many doors for me, I plan to make my own Citrus Vodka by using lemon, lime and orange peels.