New toys means two cocktails at once!

The Pornstar Martini was one of the first cocktails I made and you’re suppose to double strain it to stop any passion seeds from falling into the drink.

I bought 2 fine strainers from amazon for £4 just recently and I tried them, didn’t realise how much better this makes my mixology life.

My girlfriend’s mum bought me a plastic Manhattan shaker which is fantastic as when you shake a drink with ice in a metal one it cools the metal lid down too much that it’s hard to get off.

Anyway I made a Pornstar Martini and a Tom Collin’s at the same time!  First off, prep the lemon and passion fruit.

prepJuicing the lemon to get some nice fresh lemon juice. Next I add ice, vanilla vodka, passion fruit purée, passion fruit and lime juice to the Boston Shaker, I add gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemon wedges to the Manhattan Shaker. Give both the drinks a good shake.

2 shakersAfter the shake you have to double strain the Pornstar Martini, just pour the Tom Collin’s into a Collin’s glass.

Double strainDouble straining does make a lot of difference for starters it stops seeds from falling through and it makes the drink look clearer.

overhead shot strainerAs you can see it works! Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the both the finished drinks.


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