Home made vanilla vodka!

I use tons of Vanilla Vodka it’s a fantastic ingredient to work with, I ran out of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka so I bought some basic vodka and some vanilla pods, I cut the pods long ways down the middle and placed them into the bottle of Vodka, shook the bottle daily for a week to release the oils and distribute the flavor evenly.

Vanilla Vodka transfusion I used 2 fine strainers and a funnel to filter the tiny specs of vanilla pods out of the vodka.

vanilla vodka

The finished result, it has a stronger more vanilla taste than any other Vanilla Vodka I’ve tried, it works out cheaper and tastes so much better than buying premade vanilla vodka. This has opened so many doors for me, I plan to make my own Citrus Vodka by using lemon, lime and orange peels.


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