Kiwi and Lime Vodka

It’s been way over a week since the vodka Matured, I’ve been busy working at my bar-tending job.

When I tried the flavoured vodka I found it a little too bitter so I added teaspoon sugar, waited 48 hours, to allow the sugars to dissolve. 

Kiwi vodka add sugarAdding more sugar made the vodka turn a lighter green which I think adds to the products appearance.

strain the vodka

I used two fine strainers to fully catch any bites of kiwi, it worked surprisingly well

Kiwi and Lime Vodka finish

The flavour of the lime really came out and you can definitely taste the bitter sweetness of the kiwiI’m pleased with the flavour, mix it with some blueberry Juice add mint spring for decoration it’ll create a nice drink.

Downside to this is that the sugars remain undissolved and you must shake the bottle before serving it, I’m still learning about alcohol infusion, but I think I need a distillery.


2 thoughts on “Kiwi and Lime Vodka

  1. Use Gomme instead of sugar and it will bind the spirit with the fruit and sweeten it and you won’t have to worry about the sugar separating.


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