Month: November 2015

Brain Hemorrhage

This shot is wicked and goes down easier than a neat shot of tequila or vodka!

Brain Hemmorrhage

In a shooter glass use the following ratios in this order.

3/4 Peach Schnapps

1/4 Irish Cream

Dash of Grenadine

After pouring all ingredients into the shooter glass then leave for a minute to allow liqueurs to separate. 

Not using a pourer on the Grenadine was a mistake as it was more than a dash that came out but overall it’s a cool looking shot.




Long Island Iced Tea

This baby is a classic, it’s known as one of the most alcoholic cocktails but the flavours are really there and complicated with a citrus taste, most bars skimp out on this one by only having 4/5 of the liqueurs but I go for the full thing.


Serving One

12.5ml Vodka

12.5ml White Rum

12.5ml Gin

12.5ml Tequila

12.5ml Cointreau

25ml Sweet and Sour Mix

Coca-Cola to top

Lemon Wedge

Add liqueurs and Sweet and Sour Mix to shaker with ice, strain into hiball glass with ice then top with Coca-Colagarnish with lemon wedge. 

I made the Sweet and Sour Mix from using 50/50 fresh lemon jucie and sugar syrup  and you can really taste the difference.


Cosmopolitans are a flavourfull citrus cocktail which uses Absolut Citron, I swapped it for Absolut Raspberry, this cocktail can also be made using Cambord.


75ml Cranberry Juice

50ml Absolut Raspberry

12.5ml Cointreau

12.5ml Lime Juice

Lemon Wheel for garnish

Shake ingredients  with ice then pour into martini glass, run the lemon wedge over the rim. 

I prefer this to an original Cosmopolitan as it’s more tangy and refreshing.

Blue Arrow

This beautifully blue, sharp as an arrow drink is as flavourful as it is deadly.

Blue ArrowServing One

50ml Gin

25ml Blue Curacao

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lime Juice


Place cherry in the bottom of a martini glass, then shake with ice the liqueurs and lime juice and strain into glass.

This drink is one that you sip! Incredibly strong but the flavour is there, you won’t find this bad boy on a cocktail menu.

Red Deep

This is something of my own creation, I love creme de mure such a sweet tasty liqueur seldom used in cocktails, I made my own kiwi and lime vodka which I added into this drink.

Red Deep

Serving One

25ml Creme De Mure

25ml Kiwi and Lime Vodka

150ml Cranberry Juice

Soda Water to top

Lime Wedge for garnish

Add Creme de Mure, Kiwi and Lime Vodka and Cranberry Juice to shaker with ice, shake and strain into hiball glass with ice. Top up with soda water then garnish with Lime Wedge. 

Very fruity and refreshing the only problem is that the original recipe had 2 measures of creme de mure which is way too sweet for this drink. The reason I had the soda water was to give it a bit of a fizz like a Cranberry Fizz.

Chocolate Mint Martini

I was really craving a chocolate based drink and I’ve been meaning to try and use creme de menthe. The drink’s flavour is very creamy with a chocolaty taste with the sharpness of mint.

Chocolate and Mint Martini

Serving One

75ml Milk

62.5ml Chocolate Liqueur

12.5ml Creme De Menthe

Chocolate shavings for garnish

Add ingredients to shaker with ice, shake well then strain into martini glassgarnish with chocolate shavings.

Brilliant mix of flavours with the silkiness of the milk and chocolate liqueur this drink goes down so easily, in the original recipe I used a full measure of creme de menthe but found it a little over powering.