Long Island Iced Tea

This baby is a classic, it’s known as one of the most alcoholic cocktails but the flavours are really there and complicated with a citrus taste, most bars skimp out on this one by only having 4/5 of the liqueurs but I go for the full thing.


Serving One

12.5ml Vodka

12.5ml White Rum

12.5ml Gin

12.5ml Tequila

12.5ml Cointreau

25ml Sweet and Sour Mix

Coca-Cola to top

Lemon Wedge

Add liqueurs and Sweet and Sour Mix to shaker with ice, strain into hiball glass with ice then top with Coca-Colagarnish with lemon wedge. 

I made the Sweet and Sour Mix from using 50/50 fresh lemon jucie and sugar syrup  and you can really taste the difference.


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