I was in Leeds at a bar called Mook and I saw one of the bartenders set alight something and run it around the rim of a glass and since then I’ve wanted to know and do what he did, so I did!

To start this beautiful cocktail, you grab an orange peel slice and run a flame over the peel this releases the oils in the skin and you run it around the rim of a Martini glass, this adds to the flavour of the cocktail.

Setting alight the peel

Then you add ice, lime juice,cranberry juice, Cointreau and Absolut Citron into a shaker, give it a good shake then strain into chilled Martini glasses.



Recipe – 2 Servings

75ml Absolut Citron

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lime Juice

100ml  Cranberry Juice

Orange peel to flavour the rim

Lime wedge for garnish

Run match across an orange peel this releases the oils, you run the peel around the rim of 2 Martini glasses. 

Add liquids to shaker then shake vigorously then strain into glasses.

To me this is a beautiful drink, when you first sip it you taste the orange from the peel, mixed with the lemon vodka combined with the cointreau add the lime for the zangyness, with the dryness of cranberry juice on top this is a really complex cocktail with flavour.


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