Flavoured vodkas!

Merry christmas! I know it’s not the 25th but I couldn’t post these till after christmas as they are presents for family I couldn’t have them knowing the flavours they were getting.


From left to right we have two rows of five sweets/spices, Rhubarb and Custard, Humbug, Blackcurrent and Liquorice, Strawberry Bon Bon, Sour Bubble Gum.

On the front row is; White Chocolate, Sherbet Lemon, Cola Cubes, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

For all these flavours I’ve used 70 – 100gs 0f the sweets to 250ml of vodka.

Ever wondered why Absolut Vanilla has a black x on the back?


It’s because when you cut a vanilla pod in half and you put it in a bottle it cross over like this.

Vanilla vodka pods

When adding the sweets to the bottles I ran into a problem, the sweets were bigger than the bottle’s neck, luckily I have a hammer!

Crushed rubard and custard

As much as I love pulverising Rhubarb and Custard sweets the task becomes tedious, the downside to this was sweet shards shrapnel spreading across my kitchen.

Rhubarb and Custard Vodka

Rubard and custard.JPG

Cola Cube Vodka after the sweets were added

Cola Cubes

Strawberry Bon Bon Vodka

Strawbarry bon bom.JPG

I love the colour of this one pretty pink.

Hammering blackcurrent

Hammering the sweets proved to be timely so I put the blackcurrent and Liquorice sweets  into the neck of the bottle and gently hammered the sweets in.

Blackcurrent and Liquorice Vodka

Blackcurrant liquorice vodka.JPG

Sour Bubblegum Vodka

Sourbubble gum vodka.JPG

This one smells amazing, I gave it a sample and even without the bubblegum sweets the taste and smell is totally there I’m very excited for this one.

Cinnamon Vodka

cinnamon vodka.JPG

Humbug Vodka

Humbug vodka.JPG

This one smells just like humbugs and I bet it’s deadly.

The White Chocolate Vodka is the hardest one to make as you have to melt the white chocolate using bain marie. 

melting white chocolate

when the chocolate has melted pour in the vodka and mix thoroughly.

White chocolate melted with vodka

Then pour into bottle.

White Chocolate Vodka

White chocolate vodka

This flavour tasted promising at first but it requires further experimentation in order to achieve the result I want.

I used cheap white chocolate which has a high sugar content so after a day there were undissolved sugar bits in the vodka judging from recipes I’ve read it calls to use milk which I recon will make the drink creamer and smoother as well as dissolving the sugars.

Lemon Sherbet 

Lemon sherbet

The colour looked amazing and the smell was there I thought this one was a winner until I filtered it.

lemon sherbet filter

Notice the problem I ran into when I tried filtering the lemon Sherbet Vodka?

The consistency of the vodka was like custard, there was no saving this but it’s been valuable lesson. Fizzy sweets don’t infuse well with vodka.

This was just a cool photo I took.

Cinnamon stick.JPG


Filtering the Vodka

All the flavours needed filtering with a cheese cloth except the Sour bubblegum Vodka as the sweets fully dissolved.

Filtering Strawberry Bon Bon

Filtering bon bon.JPG

The top of the vodka had this white froth which I’d tried to remove so with this vodka the instructions are shake before use.

Filtering the blackcurrant and Liquorice 

Blackcurrent filter

Absolutely amazing how the colour of the Humbug came out!

Filtering humbug.JPG


After all my hard work of infusing these vodkas one of the bottles topples over and smashes my heart sank.

Heart sank.JPG

Finished result

Rainbow bottles.JPG

The workable flavours from this endeavor were; Cola Cube, Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberry Bon Bon, Sour Bubblegum, Humbug and Vanilla.

White Chocolate, Sherbet Lemon, Blackcurrant and Liquorice and Cinnamon didn’t make the cut.

Sherbet Lemon ended up like custard. Blackcurrant the colours separated so it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

White chocolate has a grainy texture which I’ll work on and Cinnamon was way to strong and bitter, I might add sugar syrup to it to make it more bearable.

All wrapped up for Christmas! 

Wrapped up.JPG





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