Mint Julip

Ever since I read about this cocktail I’ve always wanted to try it the recipe is pretty easy and gives me another excuse to use my ice crusher.

Mint Julip.JPG

50ml Whisky

25ml Sugar Sryup

5 Drops of Angostura Bitters

Mint Sprigs

Crushed Ice

Shake whisky and sugar syrup together with ice. In a lowball or rocks glass fill 3/4s with crushed icepour cocktail over the crushed ice. 

Add 5 drops of angostura bitter stir using bar spoon then top with more crushed ice. Create a hole in the ice using the straws then put mint sprigs in hole.

Serve with sipping straws. 

I love this cocktail it’s definitely on my list of flavours if you slowly sip the cocktail it starts getting frost on the outside of glass making it nicely chilled and refreshing combined with smelling the mint with every sip.



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