Blue Movie

When I heard about this cocktail, I needed to make it! Absolut Berri Acai is a sweet dry tasting vodka with fruity flavours that’s rarely used in cocktails!

Blue Movie

Serving One

37.5ml Absolut Berri Acai

12.5ml Blue Curacao

25ml Apple Juice

12.5ml Lemon Juice

5 Blueberries (garnish)

Fill milk bottle with crushed ice, add ingredients to shaker, give it a really good shake. Strain cocktail into glass then garnish by dropping blueberries into the drink, use a straw to push blueberries down.


I love this cocktail and it’d be amazing to make it again one of the problems that I ran into is that it requires a lot of crushed ice and as I use a hand crank ice crusher by the time I’ve gotten enough crushed ice for 2 cocktails the ice has already begun to melt.

What’s holding me back is my 50mm lens which is only good for super close ups where’s if I’d were to buy a 18 – 55mm lens I’d be able to get long shots easier which weren’t as exposed.




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