Month: April 2016

Pink Passion

Is this cocktail something I made for myself? Heck no! It’s way too girly, pink and sweet but it pleased my girlfriend, it does look tasty and it refreshing.

Pink Passion

25ml Vodka

25ml Passoa

15ml Lemon Juice

Lemonade to top

Glacier Cherry

Lemon Wedge

Shake passoa, vodka, and lemon juice together over ice, strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice then finally garnish with lemon wedge and cherry


Crafty Pirate

Shots, shots, shots! I don’t make enough of them, so I bring you the Crafty Pirate, it’s crafty because with the combination of butter candy liqueur and spiced rum, makes this shot flavourful and delicious, you could do ten of them and not even feel like you’ve drank alcohol at all.

Crafty Pirate.jpg

25ml Butter Candy Liqueur (or butterscotch schnapps)

25ml Captain Morgan Spiced

Pour into shooter glass, then down it!

I used a shooter glass which is essentially a double shot glass so if using a shot glass half the recipe.

Ice Machine!

Ice, ice, baby! Found this on ebay for £50 which is an absolute bargain considering they range from £90 – £150

Ice Maker

No more being a slave to the ice companies now, who needs to buy ice when you can make ice. Now I have equipment to host a cocktail party, all I need now is just space as I live in practically a shoe box.