Good Night Sweet Dreams

This recipe has been floating around my head for awhile, an idea of using tea as an ingredient and lavender with gin.

Luckily I discovered Masons Lavender gin through their competition which gave me the inspiration to create this wonderful,fragrant relaxing drink.


First cold brew chamomile tea for over 8 hours in the fridge. To make lavender syrup, pour 150ml of boiling water into a pan with 4 tbsps Honey add one 1 tbsp Lavender flowers.

Heat to boil till honey dissolves, simmer for 15 minutes then take off heat (to soak for flavour).

After lavender syrup has cooled down for over a hour, filter into a bottle using coffee filters or cheesecloth.

Originally I used chamomile flowers to make the tea but found the flavour to be a little underwhelming so I went with a camomile teabag blend.

The lavender syrup is a 1.5 : 1 e.g. 150ml water is 100g honey (4tbsps), first recipe was 1:1 the syrup had a sweet infused honey taste but it was too vicious to filter which lead me to 2:1 that recipe lost the honey taste which made it great and the lavender wasn’t as pungent.

crop 1.png

Can be served shaken in a boston shaker and poured into a coupe but I went with teacups with a teapot to fit the theme.

                                                                              Recipe serves 2

  • 160ml Chamomile tea
  • 100ml Masons Lavender gin
  • 50ml Lavender Syrup
  • 40ml Lime Juice

Add ingredients to teapot over ice, place lid on, secure the stout with finger.                                                                                                                                                                                  masons-gin-comp-4

Gently swizzel the teapot side to side.


Gently pour into two teacups and as for garnish use lavender shortbread.


The theme of the drink is medicinal, bay leafs and fennel are bonoticals that are in the gin the bay leaves contain compounds that fight cancer and sooth stomach ulcers , fennel has vitamin B-6 which is good for heart health.

Honey is great for easing sore throats with antiseptic properties, lavender known for easing pain and relaxing you, then we have chamomile tea which calms muscles and helps with restlessness finally lime is high in vitamin C which is essential.

The gin’s strength is hidden by the tea, at first you’re met with a smooth slighter bitter but sweet herbal taste that makes you sip more to understand the flavours then the lavender and honey really seep in.



I give credit to Nina for helping me try out different versions of this cocktail and supporting me at the compeition. Thank you to Tom Marshall for taking photos of the event and sharing them!


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