Month: July 2017

Who am I?


I’m Iain J. Healey, I have so much passion and energy for life, I consider myself to be quiet creative and always have ideas in my mind for things to make. I started Mixology a few months ago and found it so rewarding and satisfying, I make professional looking cocktails at home.

Doing this hobby got me thinking, at home I spend about 2 – 3 hours a week making cocktails where as if I worked in a bar I could be working upwards of 40 hours a week. I left my job at McDonald’s and moved to Leeds with my girlfriend Nina, after a week of being here I spent a day going into town with a bunch of CVs the next day I heard back from 3 bars.

I accepted a job at Yates for 3 shifts a week and turned down a interview Cosmopolitan as they could only offer me 1 shift a week, which is a shame because it’s a really nice looking bar.

Who knows where my mixology adventure will take me, but I can travel the world with it.

29 / 09 / 15


8 Months later, and I’m now more of a jaded person that can take abuse from tramps, the other day I had some guy threaten to bang me out because when he sprayed his order at me, by which I mean a light shower of his salvia met my face I said back “say it, don’t spray it” he didn’t take too kindly to that said he’ll spit on me if he wanted to, proper having a go, then walked a way to the bar just to stare across giving me evils.

That was probably my last friday night at working Yates’s, a few weeks ago I had a job interview with The Liquorist, a cocktail bar but under the same parent company as Yates’s. Talking with my GM and theirs, we came to an arrangement that I get Fri/Sat working at the Liquorist and Wednesday working at Yates’s.

It’s going to be tough starting from the bottom again, and it’s a step up from pub to stylish cocktail bar. After a few weeks to months of demonstrating my work ethic, attitude, knowledagle and passion for the craft, I’ll get more shifts, full time work and finally be a cocktail bartender.