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Mint Julip

Ever since I read about this cocktail I’ve always wanted to try it the recipe is pretty easy and gives me another excuse to use my ice crusher.

Mint Julip.JPG

50ml Whisky

25ml Sugar Sryup

5 Drops of Angostura Bitters

Mint Sprigs

Crushed Ice

Shake whisky and sugar syrup together with ice. In a lowball or rocks glass fill 3/4s with crushed icepour cocktail over the crushed ice. 

Add 5 drops of angostura bitter stir using bar spoon then top with more crushed ice. Create a hole in the ice using the straws then put mint sprigs in hole.

Serve with sipping straws. 

I love this cocktail it’s definitely on my list of flavours if you slowly sip the cocktail it starts getting frost on the outside of glass making it nicely chilled and refreshing combined with smelling the mint with every sip.




I’ve been wanting to make my own Bramble for ages, the recipe is pretty simple and the taste is fantastic, the hardest ingredient to find was Creme De Mure which I obtained from a cocktail supply shop called Latitude. 

I even bought an Ice crusher to make this.


Recipe 1 serving

37.5ml Gin

25ml Lemon Juice

12.5ml Sugar Syrup

12.5ml Creme De Mure


Lemon Wedge


Crushed ice

Add ingredients except; Creme De Mure and crushed ice to a shaker, shake vigorously, pour into lowball glass over crushed ice, then drizzle Creme De Mure over top and add a Blackberry  and  Lemon wedge for garnish. 


Rising Sun

This surprised me, the ingredients sounded good but there’s no way on Earth I thought this would be an amazing drink, it’s highly refreshing and a great way to start the morning if you’re an alcoholic.

Rising SunServing 2

100ml Vodka

100ml Passion Fruit Purée

150ml Grapefruit Juice

Red Grapefruit


Add all ingredients to shaker, shake and strain over ice into a lowball glass garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

Elephants Mudbath

This is my own version of this drink as the original recipe uses Amarula which is way out of my budget for me, I originally tried this in 80 Beer Around the World, they use Absolut Vanilla, Amarula and Bols Cacao White.

I used Smirnoff Vanilla, Irish Cream instead of the Amarula as it’s a cream liqueur, I also used Thornton’s chocolate liqueur and added coffee liqueur.

Elephants Mudbath   Serving 1

25ml Vanilla Vodka

25ml Coffee Liqueur

25ml Chocolate Liqueur

25ml Irish Cream

150ml Milk

Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, strain into lowball glasses on the rocks. The result was very creamy but was too frothy for my liking so I might remove the Irish Cream and also use chocolate powder for garnish.