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Me and Nina wanted a cheap night in so I whipped us up some tasty pitchers which you don’t see often in bars.

First we started off with a Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Pitcher

I just quadrupled the recipe for this so; 400ml Cranberry Juice, 200ml Citron Vodka, 50ml Lime Juice, and 50ml Cointreau. It tasted great and a threw a few lime wedges in, with the ice this drink went a long way and we got 6 drinks using Martini Glasses.

The next pitcher I made was a Sex on the Beach I’m far away from getting it perfect but the recipe I used was; 200ml Pineapple Juice, 200ml Cranberry Juice, 150ml Vodka, 50ml Peach Snapps.

I added the pineapple juice first which I think is where I went wrong as when I added the cranberry juice it made the drink a more purplish colour than gradient.

After consuming 2 pitches with Nina making a 3rd was no easy task, I was aiming for a Tom Collin’s but in my drunken state I ended up making a Rum Collin’s. 

Rum Collin's

Ingredients: 200ml Rum, 100ml Lemon Juice, 50ml Sugar Syrup, 400ml Soda Water and Lemon wedges