Blue Lagoon

This is a lovely easily made drink that’s brilliantly blue! It’s a little sweeter than a Woo Woo.

Fill a hiball glass with ice, add Vodka and Peach Schnapps then finish by adding the Blue Curascao this makes the colour rain down in the drink


Serving 1 person

35ml Blue Curascao

25ml Vodka

25ml Peach Schnapps



Mixology 101

I’m teaching myself the art of making cocktails my girlfriend and I go to a variety of cocktail bars and I wanted to create my own, the first cocktail I made was horrendous I didn’t have a Jigger (Measuring Shot 25ml/50ml) I just poured vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice and it was far from the perfect Sex on the Beach

equipment I bought; Boston Shaker, Muddling Stick, Hawthorn Strainer, Bar Spoon, and Jigger came to £25

Next to buy Tulip Strainer £5ba0617b