Who am I?


I’m Iain J. Healey, I have so much passion and energy for life, I consider myself to be quiet creative and always have ideas in my mind for things to make. I started Mixology a few months ago and found it so rewarding and satisfying, I make professional looking cocktails at home.

Doing this hobby got me thinking, at home I spend about 2 – 3 hours a week making cocktails where as if I worked in a bar I could be working upwards of 40 hours a week. I left my job at McDonald’s and moved to Leeds with my girlfriend Nina, after a week of being here I spent a day going into town with a bunch of CVs the next day I heard back from 3 bars.

I accepted a job at Yates for 3 shifts a week and turned down a interview Cosmopolitan as they could only offer me 1 shift a week, which is a shame because it’s a really nice looking bar.

Who knows where my mixology adventure will take me, but I can travel the world with it.

29 / 09 / 15


8 Months later, and I’m now more of a jaded person that can take abuse from tramps, the other day I had some guy threaten to bang me out because when he sprayed his order at me, by which I mean a light shower of his salvia met my face I said back “say it, don’t spray it” he didn’t take too kindly to that said he’ll spit on me if he wanted to, proper having a go, then walked a way to the bar just to stare across giving me evils.

That was probably my last friday night at working Yates’s, a few weeks ago I had a job interview with The Liquorist, a cocktail bar but under the same parent company as Yates’s. Talking with my GM and theirs, we came to an arrangement that I get Fri/Sat working at the Liquorist and Wednesday working at Yates’s.

It’s going to be tough starting from the bottom again, and it’s a step up from pub to stylish cocktail bar. After a few weeks to months of demonstrating my work ethic, attitude, knowledagle and passion for the craft, I’ll get more shifts, full time work and finally be a cocktail bartender.




Italian Kiss

Not technically a cocktail as it uses only 2 ingredients, but as the drink is very balance, pretty and tasty with touch of fanciness it deserves a blog post.

italian kiss.jpg

Made using a wild strawberry liqueur with actual little strawberries in, with this all you need to do is add prosecco and it garnishes itself. Probably left for special occasions this drink will have you craving more.


Tequila Manhattan

An unusual yet tasty twist on a classic drink, as Tequila Anejo has smokiness it can be used instead of whisky in a whisky based cocktail.


60ml Anejo Tequila

15ml Sweet Vermouth

7ml Licor 43


Rum soaked cherry

Slice of cured meat.

Shaked ingredients together strain into lowball over ice. Finally garnish with meat rolled into a flower shape, and a rum soaked cherry.

Dry Martini

One of the oldest and most iconic cocktail known, this drink made Gin fashionable and took the edge of drinking neat spirits.


60ml London Dry Gin

7ml Dry Vermouth

2 – 3 Dashes Orange bitters

Stir vigorously  for 20 seconds with ice then pour into a mini-coupe finally garnish with an olive.


Similar to the Negroni but with a twist, exchanging the gin for a Rye gives this drink a more complicated smokey flavour than its gin relation.


30ml Campari

30ml Sweet Vermouth

30ml Rye Whisky

Orange Twist for garnish

Add all liqueurs to shaker, shake with ice  then double strain into chilled coupe glass, finally garnish with orange twist.

French Martini

Sweet and enticing as well as a being a little fancy, the French Martini will leave you thirsty for more.


50ml Pineapple Juice

37.5ml Vodka

20ml Chambord

3 Blackberries

Raspberry Pureé

Add all ingredients except raspberry pureé, into a shaker. Shake vigorously to plussize the blackberries and to create a foam. Double strain into chilled coupe glass. 

Lastly gently make 4 circles in the foam using the raspberry , then with the use of a straw go through the circles in a clockwork motion creating love hearts. 

The Original recipe doesn’t have blackberries in, I added them for extra colour and flavour.    


An Italian classic preferably served before dinner as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite and wet the palate.


30ml Campari

30ml Gin

30ml Sweet Vermouth

Orange Twist for garnish

Add liqueurs into mixer glass then add icestir for a good 30 secondsstrain into a rocks glass over ice, finally squeeze  the orange twist over the drink then garnish with twist. 

Traditionally this drink uses London Dry style of gin, I used copperhouse as it’s very orange heavy complementing the campari and garnish.